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We collaborate with many organizations in the greater Dayton area.

The following groups are a part of the Miami Valley Immigration Coalition.


Valens Solutions

Adding value to underserved refugee and immigrant individuals and families by confronting inequities, 

removing barriers, breaking the chains of poverty, and helping them realize their

fullest potential.


St. Paul Ministries

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Catholic Social Services

Among Catholic Social Services’ programs, refugee resettlement has the most dramatic and immediate impact on the lives of those served. 


Ebenezer Healthcare Access

Build a community free of health disparities by providing healthcare access to legal immigrants and other underserved population.



LEAD stands for Leaders for Equality and Action in Dayton. LEAD's  mission is to support and prepare people impacted by injustice, exclusion, and inequities to develop their voice - their power - to address these injustices and promote community and institutional change.  


El Puente

Since El Puente’s inception in 2009, we have aimed to strengthen the Latino community by offering services that support our families and assist them as they reach out to benefit others in their neighborhood.


Brunner Literacy Center

The Brunner Literacy Center has been empowering adults to lead better lives through literacy since 2011. Whether you want to learn or teach, the BLC has a place for you. 


Cross Over Community Development

Our mission is to function as a resource center for immigrants and refugees. We are committed to advocating, educating, and facilitating connections to help immigrant and refugee families achieve and maintain self-sufficiency and successfully integrate and participate in their new communities. 

We also aim to raise public awareness about immigrants and refugees to increase their visibility and to change public attitudes for the better.


Latinos Unidos Dayton

Latinos Unidos works to advance Latino youth, family and community by providing individuals access to educational, cultural, business resources and leadership development: to empower the community to advocate for themselves and to lift them out of poverty


Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

We strive to embrace every mind, body and spirit ━ without exception.

We covenant to practice compassion, forge connections, and pursue justice.


African Christian Community Center

The African Christian Community Center is a volunteer-run organization set out on a mission to help support the African refugee and immigrant communities in the Greater Dayton Area.


Lower Miami Church of The Brethren

The Lower Miami Church of the Brethren: This church, organized in the year 1805, was the first Church of the Brethren west of the Miami River.


FARO International Inc

Counseling services?

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Immigrant Connection Dayton

Immigrant Connection – Dayton is a Department of Justice Recognized Office that provides low-cost legal consultations to individuals who are seeking assistance with issues relating to immigration:

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Welcome Dayton

Welcome Dayton, launched in 2011, supports integration of immigrants into the Dayton community by encouraging business and economic development, providing access to education, government, health and social services, ensuring equity in the justice system, and promoting arts and culture.

We collaborate with many organizations in the greater Dayton area.
The following groups are a part of the Miami Valley Immigration Coalition.

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