Who We Are

As a coalition of faith communities and other organizations and individuals committed to immigrant justice, the Miami Valley Immigration Coalition is committed to promoting comprehensive, humane immigration reform and radical systemic change by working with and on behalf of those who are affected by unjust immigration laws, policies and practices that do not reflect these higher values: 

  •     Dignity of the person

  •     Unity of the family

  •     Richness in diversity

  •     Equitable treatment

  •     Freedom in the pursuit of purpose

  •     Democratic process

Image by Michael Bowman
Image by Miguel Bautista

What We Do

We come together as individuals and organizations to amplify each other’s voices, open spaces for partnering,
sharing, and building power. Together we:

  • Offer compassionate services to immigrant families

  • Educate and engage our larger community in support of just immigration opportunities

  • Build mutual relationships with the immigrant community and its allies to act in solidarity for progressive change.

  • Advocate for humane immigration reform that promotes family unity and respects the inherent dignity of  every person

  • Facilitate leadership training opportunities for immigrants and allies

  • Support community organizing in the immigrant community.

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