COVID-19 Relief


In March of 2020, as Covid-19 spread around the world, MVIC realized that some in our immigrant community would need support. Many of them were out of work due to the virus and would not receive a stimulus check or unemployment. Food would quickly become a desperate need.

As our list of families grew, we brainstormed, networked, and organized to find food sources that could support our initiative. Awesome volunteers stepped up, and continue to do so, leaving the safety of their homes, to help their friends and neighbors, and amazing relationships have been formed as a result.
We currently deliver nearly every Thursday, bringing food, hygiene products, masks, and items such as books and games, directly to our families’ doors. I do not speak for just myself when I say that being able to show our immigrant neighbors that they are not alone and that there are many of us who stand with them, has been incredible. These bridges that are being built, will long outlast this virus. As of mid-July, MVIC has delivered food to about 600 people living in 135 households.